Dear Prospective Charterer:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Charles Prior II, now cruising both Upper and Lower Prior Lake. Cruises can be scheduled from sunrise to 10PM. Cruises must unload no later than 10PM.

The Charles Prior II comes fully-equipped with on-board restroom facilities, a wet bar, tables, chairs, 110V power, CD player, ipod connection, microphone and intercom. The capacity of this vessel is a maximum of 46 people.

We are fully handicapped accessible and are captained and crewed by qualified personnel. The Charles Prior II is also Coast Guard approved. Ice (up to 20#) for the wet bar, or your carry-on coolers, is provided at no-charge. Extra ice, beverages, meals on board, snacks, etc. can be purchased at an additional fee.

Our fee for a 2 hour cruise of Prior Lake is $395.00 plus gratuity. Longer cruises can be booked at an additional charge of $175.00 per hour, depending on availability. Cruises departing or de-boarding from any location other than Wagon Bridge Marina are subject to an additional fee. Deposits and final payment must be made by cash or check, sorry we do not accept credit cards.

In the event of a cancellation, (weather or otherwise), you may reschedule your cruise or forfeit your $100 deposit. If bad weather is pending, please contact Wagon Bridge Marina at (952) 447-4300 at least 2 hours before your boarding time to confirm your cruise.

If you wish to decorate the CPII prior to your cruise, you are welcome to do so. Please notify Wagon Bridge Marina (952-447-4300) at least 2 hours in advance if you want to decorate the boat. We, however, DO NOT allow crepe paper or streamers, because when wet, the color stains the boat. Please make sure that all decorations are contained within the boat, to ensure that decorations are not dropped into the lake. Also, please remove all decorations from the boat prior to de-boarding.

If anyone in your group has special needs or needs additional help when boarding, please be sure to contact our Cruise Director or your Charter Captain. We are always happy to offer additional help.


Charles Prior II
Prior Lake Tours, Inc.

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